• ARM Tech Symposia 2014 – China - November 10, 2014 – Shanghai Sheraton Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel November 14, 2014 – Shenzhen The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen To schedule a meeting contact events-dx@discretix.com  
  • UPLINQ 2014 - Mobile Developers Conference Hilton San Francisco, Union Square September 18-19, 2014 To schedule a meeting contact events-dx@discretix.com
  • 4th Annual International Cybersecurity Conference - Smolarz Auditorium Tel Aviv University, Israel September 14-15, 2014 To schedule a meeting contact events-dx@discretix.com


  • Sybil attack on Waze - When you hear information about a traffic jam on radio, it is likely that the radio station got it from a social navigation system, such as Waze. Thus even if you do not use Waze yourself, you still can be affected by a Sybil attack which was published recently: In this paper, we present the […]
  • Hacked in a Snap – and ways to avoid it - In the most recent security breach, the hack exploited the interface between the Snapchat app and its server back-end.
  • How risky to privacy is Apple’s fingerprint reader? - Congratulations to Apple for featuring a fingerprint reader as part of its new iPhone. It was reported by The Wall Street Journal here, in the blog of Bruce Schneier here, by Time Tech here, and in dozens of other places. Very much expectedly, this revelation spurred anxiety among the conspiracy theorists out there. The two […]


Discretix is dedicated to delivering innovative security solutions to the complex and ever-changing embedded markets. This specialized expertise has allowed the company to provide chipset and device vendors with complete security platforms that are easily integrated, field proven and future-proof. Discretix delivers leading-edge embedded security solutions to the mobile, disk, storage, automotive, networking, multifunction printers, imaging and industrial markets.

Discretix’ solutions make security transparent to the end-user, while protecting sensitive information and applications from malicious attacks, viruses, fraud, and theft. Discretix solutions include both hardware and software technologies, that are deployed in system-on-chips, platforms and devices. Discretix’ suite of products includes security co-processors, security sub-systems, security modules, cryptographic accelerators and content protection applications.

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